5 useful features of smart phones everyone should know about


It is very difficult to imagine a modern man without having a smartphone in their pockets. These irreplaceable gadgets have already become a part of our lives and we take them for granted. However, statistics shows that most people do not use even half of all the functions of so called “smart” phones. And even those who consider themselves advanced users often do not know some of the features of the smartphone. Meanwhile, among these useful there are really useful ones, which we will describe in this article.

The abbreviation OTG stands for «On-The-Go». OTG is an extension of the USB interface, which allows the USB-devices to communicate with each other directly. This makes it possible for any peripherals to connect to a mobile device – mouse, keyboards, memory stick or external hard drive. Earlier OTG support was provided only in flagship smartphones like most popular Nokia cellphones, brand new Samsung cellphones or iPhones, but now you can find this function in the mid-range models.
Wi-Fi Direct
With this standard, you can exchange files between compatible devices without the help of a router. This is kind of replacement of Bluetooth, which is more convenient and does not need to be tuned. The technology of Wi-Fi Direct is used in smartphones / tablet computers by such producers as Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and Motorola. It is supported by modern televisions, scanners, and cameras. Also, the mass of applications are designed for computers that allow to take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct laptops and desktops.
Mobile High-Definition Link technology combines the capabilities of HDMI and USB interfaces. Smartphones which support this technology can be easily connected to monitors, automotive systems and other devices through the USB port. This technology is widely used in Sony smartphones, HTC, Samsung, LG, Huaiwei, ZTE, Sharp and Fujitsu. Companies producing monitors are introducing this technology very actively in their products – it supports such models as Samsung, Philips, Acer, Toshiba, LG, Sharp, Sony AOC and ASUS. Smartphone with MHL support can easily connect to the Pioneer Media Receiver, Onkyo, Yamaha and Head Unit Pioneer, JVC / Kenwood and Panasonic.
Set of Digital Living Network Alliance standards is designed for the same purpose as that of the MHL, but without the wires. It transmits media over Wi-Fi. all modern televisions, media receivers, routers, external drives have DLNA support. Some digital cameras can transfer images using this standard. The number of smartphones with DLNA is constantly growing. The problem is that not all mobile devices are compatible with each other, and applications designed for “smart” phones have different functionality. The est implementation of DLNA in smartphones belongs to Sony, HTC and Samsung.
All modern smartphones based on the Android platform secondary and higher price categories operate on the basis of chips with support for NFC technology (Near Field Communication). This wireless short-range, allowing the exchange of data with other devices that are located at a distance of 20 cm. there are plenty of applications for smartphones, helping to pay for purchases in stores, tickets to museums and concerts, travel on public transport, etc. the NFC will also pay bills in restaurants and coffee houses, places in gyms, hotels and amusement parks. It’s very convenient because after having checked Samsung, HTC, Motorolla or Nokia phone prices, you can immediately buy it with the help of this technology. Payment systems like MasterCard, PayPass, Visa or PayWave are based on NFC, which makes it easy to pay for your purchases.

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