Reasons to Buy an Ice Machine for Your Restaurant or Bar


As a restaurant owner, you need to be very careful about the purchases you make. All of the appliances and equipment in the restaurant needs to be properly maintained. Therefore, if you have useless items around the establishment, it will just increase your operating expenditure. However, there are plenty of appliances available that can actually help reduce your operating expenditure and improve your overall service. One of them is an ice machine. Whether you run a restaurant or a bar, having an ice machine in the establishment is a great idea and will help you save a lot of money. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should purchase an ice machine for your restaurant or bar.

Timely Service

Ice is used in almost every beverage that bartenders serve. Many people also require a glass of ice on the side, especially if they have ordered a pitcher. What will you do if you had only just kept water in the freezer? Service will be delayed significantly, which would ultimately make it difficult for you to retain customers. The importance of timely service cannot be overstated in this day and age.

Customers ideally prefer going to restaurants that value their time and offer quick service. The last thing that a customer would want is to wait for half an hour just to get a drink served on their table. If you have a high quality ice machine such an Ice-O-Matic available, you won’t have to make customers wait at all. The machine instantly freezes water and can create ice cubes of different sizes.

Reduces Expenditure

You will be able to save a great deal of money if you purchase an ice machine. You might be wondering how ice machines lead to cost savings, especially since they will consume more electrical energy and increase your utility bills. Ideally, if you don’t have an ice machine, you will need to allocate a considerable amount of space in the freezer just to store ice cubes. This means that you will eventually have to buy a new freezer to store other food items for the restaurant.

However, if you have an ice machine, you will be able to save space in the freezer, which reduces the need to buy more appliances. On top of that, water takes a bit of time to cool. In most cases, it takes around two to three hours at least for water to freeze into ice cubes.

This means that your freezer will run for a longer period of time as well, thus increasing your utility costs. Electrical ice machines are powered by electrical coils. If the machine is idle, your utility expenditure won’t increase by much. As a result, it’s much less expensive to buy a new ice machine for your business than to purchase a separate freezer just for increasing the amount of freezing space available. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing an ice machine for your business.

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